Norwegian to raise 6000 EUR for Danish charity in Thailand

gofundmeSimen Schei Eikbu is a Norwegian physiotherapist who during the spring months of 2016 worked as a volunteer for the Raindrop Foundation in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand, established by Dr. Pensak Howitz, a former Member of the Thai Senate and widow after Franz Howitz, Ambassador of Denmark to Thailand in the 1970’s.

After his internship at the Raindrop Foundation, he is leading an attempt to raise 6000 Euro on the online crowdfunding platform to assist the Danish Raindrop Friends, the organisation that financed his ticket.

“During my stay I experienced the impact of a developing health care system affecting children and families in need,” he writes in his appeal.

“My goal for this crowdfunding project is to give the disabled children in northeastern Thailand an opportunity to receive proper health care.”

“This area of Thailand is in many ways struggling  with poorly functioning infrastructure, limited potential for medical help, rehabilitation and equipment,” Simen Eikbu continues.

“With Raindrop Friends I have a great desire to contribute as much as possible to the families with the aid they need for a better future.”

Danish Raindrop Friends is a charitable non-profit association in Denmark, providing a worthy and necessary effort in northeastern Thailand to help disabled children in the area and support the training of local staff and relatives of the disabled.

At the time of posting this news, nobody had yet donated any amount. Any ScandAsia reader can launch this campaign and become the first donor.


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