Norwegian Undertun signs letters of intent with Malaysian service agents

Undertun Industri, Norwegian maritime equipment manufacturer has recently signed letters of intent (LOI) with two engineering firms in Malaysia. The Norwegian company has signed Naz Galaxy Group of Kemaman district in Terengganu, West Malaysia, and PALB Engineering in Miri, Sarawak in East Malaysia.

Undertun has appointed the local service agents to support the future servicing of Undertun gangways in the country by allowing local service support for equipment coupled with corona-related travel restrictions.

According to Undertun, experience and capabilities in servicing similar equipment were the reason the two Malaysian engineering firms were chosen as well as their proximity to offshore oil and gas operations, and experience in working in the offshore sector.

Both engineering companies are delighted and look forward to many years of supporting the Undertun range of gangways. Undertun stated, “the appointment of these two service agents is a key step to realizing this growth and giving Petronas and the Petroleum Arrangement Contractors the confidence to select this technology for the vessels they charter.”

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