Philippine Women having more sex after giving birth

A recent anthropological study shows that Philippine women are having sex right after giving birth. They are even more sexually active than before getting pregnant and way more active than Western women, who wait 6 weeks to have sex after giving birth.

In the Philippines, women are having more sex in the weeks just after giving birth than they had before getting pregnant.

Several studies have – according to ScienceDaily – shown that Women from the West are completely focused on the little one and not giving much attention to their partner during the first six weeks after giving birth.

Michelle Escasa-Dorne, biological anthropologist from University of Colorado in USA, decided to investigate, if you would find the same pattern in non-Western populations, where people rarely get divorced.

The scientist made a study in Manila with 260 women. The women were between 18-35, well educated, married and had in general 2-3 children.

Their answers showed that Philippine women who are breastfeeding are more sexual active than before getting pregnant. According to ScienceDaily, this shows that the Philippine women have found a way to combine the role as a mother and as lovers.

The study is published in the magazine Human Nature and published in Danish media Videnskab.

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