Remarkable Indonesian locals help Norwegian girl after being robbed

”I’ve got a story that you might find uplifting,” writes Øystein Baadsvik from Norway in a Facebook post, after a horrible event turned into a happy ending for his daughter Karin Baadsvik, all because of some friendly and helpful Indonesian locals.

While travelling around in Indonesia, Karin Baadsvik suddenly found herself without passport, computer, wallet and cards. Her bag all of her most precious belongings had been stolen, explains her father on his Facebook post from 14 March 2017.

Luckily, Karin soon met some friendly locals who offered to help her. First by taking her to the local police station, where they helped her with the obligatory paperwork, and afterwards bought Karin food and got her a place to sleep.

The next day they fixed her a gig at a local café to help raise money for her. The audience collected 690.000 Indonesian Rupies. The café owner furthermore decided to buy her a flight ticket to Jakarta where she could get a new passport at the Norwegian Embassy.

Her newly made friends in Indonesia then contacted their friends in Jakarta and arranged housing and transport to the embassy for Karin.

“Thanks to the kindness of all these people she now has a new passport and is back on track again! The rest is covered by insurance,” writes Karin’s father on Facebook. “Due to the current rise in islamophobia I think it’s worth mentioning these people, like the majority in Indonesia, are muslim.”

Source: Øystein Baadsvik on Facebook


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