Rune Evensen interviewed about Singapore start-up

The Norwegian Rune Evensen, the founder of an extraordinary startup in Singapore within the emerging Fintech business sector, is portrayed in an extensive interview in The EconoTimes (

Rune Evensen considers himself a pathfinder in the Fintech bridging the adoption of cryptocurrency with the innovative approach to the user experience. He is passionate about the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the possibilities they bring into the business world.

In 2016 Rune founded COSS, a crypto-one-stop-solution platform that sees its purpose in amplifying the adoption of cryptocurrency among the masses and the average people with no background in the IT whatsoever.

Here is a brief on his time in Asia:

“I started to travel frequently to Asia, mostly to Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and India back in 2003-2004. After I got married in 2005 I moved to China and stayed there for a year or so, since then it has been a year in Hong Kong and now 7+ years in Singapore. I established my consultancy company there back in 2013, and that led me to launching COSS.IO, incorporated in Singapore in November 2016.”

The whole story is here:

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