Sweden’s new Asia strategy confirmed


On 22 June Sweden adopted its new strategy for regional development cooperation in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia and the Pacific Region for the period 2016–2021.

Regional development cooperation in Asia and the Pacific Region will focus on strengthening regional actors and states to take greater responsibility concerning the environment and climate, human rights, democracy and gender equality. The focus is to be on cross-border challenges, where solutions can best be sought in regional cooperation.

“We focus regional development assistance in Asia and the Pacific Region to the places in the region facing the greatest challenges – in the human rights area and with regard to the effects of climate change and environmental damage,” says Minister for International Development Cooperation and Climate Isabella Lövin.

Asia and the Pacific Region will be hardest hit by climate change. The effects are particularly evident for small island states in the Pacific Ocean.

“We now have the opportunity to contribute to strengthened regional cooperation on adaptation, renewable energy and other matters.”

The new regional strategy amounts to SEK 300 million per year. In total, the strategy encompasses SEK 1800 million for the strategy period.

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