Thailand among the least accepting of immigrants

Thailand ranks as one of the least accepting countries when it comes to immigrants.

That’s one of the conclusions to draw from the recently published World Happiness Report 2018, which also covers the effects of migration in terms of happiness for a country. And part of this is examining how the country feels about immigrants.

And what the study finds is that there is a correlation between countries’ attitudes towards immigrants and the happiness of immigrants living in said country.

The study is based on a questionnaire distributed among citizens of the participating countries. The study set up three scenarios and asked the participants to answer whether the given scenario was good or bad. The scenarios were: Immigrants living in [country’s name], an immigrant becoming your neighbor and an immigrant marrying one of your close relatives.

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And the people of Thailand apparently answered in generally negative terms, because the country ranks as 15th least accepting country towards immigrants, among the likes of Afghanistan and Russia.

Countries like Norway and Sweden on the other hand scores quite high in the survey, with Sweden being the 8th most accepting country and Norway being the 13th.

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