Three vessels from Swire Pacific Offshore docks at the Port of Kalundborg in Denmark

The ship Pacific Dispatch is among the ships that will visit the Port of Kalundborg in the near future. Press photo.

According to a press release from the Port of Kalundborg, three new vessels from the Singapore-based shipping company Swire Pacific Offshore have docked at the Danish harbor, local media Sjaellandske Nyheder reports.

The three ships, which are normally used to tow offshore platforms in place, are currently without employment, and therefore the expectation is that they will be moored in Kalundborg Harbor for a longer period of up to a year.

They may be joined by a fourth ship at a later date. The vessels are 92 meters long and 22 meters wide and include the Pacific Dragon, Pacific Discovery, Pacific Dispatch, and Pacific Dolphin.

The Port Director of the Port of Kalundborg, Bent Rasmussen, welcomes the visitors. “We are happy to have this agreement. There has been low activity for some time, and here the four ships are a welcome opportunity to utilize the available capacity at the quays, he says in the press release.

While the ships are in the Port of Kalundborg, they must be maintained, and therefore the expectation is also that they will add a little extra revenue to Kalundborg’s business community.

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