Trekking at Singapore’s Botanic Gardens

Today the Norwegian Seaman’s Church in Singapore is doing something a little different than their regular program. Something they call “Pilgrim Trekking with Tuesday Forum” is taking place in the
Botanic Gardens.

A pilgrim trekking is a hike in the community where the journey itself is the destination. According to the church’s description of the event, the purpose is to turn the gaze inward and to give time and space for silence and reflection. Angelica, the Swedish minister, is leading the trek that goes through the beautiful surroundings of Botanic Gardens.

Botanic Gardens in Singapore. Source:
Botanic Gardens in Singapore. Source:

About the event the Church writes:

“We shut out the bustle and find peace and quiet by walking through the jungle and flower gardens. Gathering at the Botanic Gardens MRT (Bukit Timah Gate) at about 10 am and go about 4.5 km at a steady pace. We make stops along the way, but the trip takes place in silence and is led by our pastor Angelica Lundberg. Afterwards, those who want to stay and eat lunch at Cluny Court. Here you can talk all you want!”

The trip is free and the participants were only requested to bring water, sunscreen and comfortable shoes.


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