Scandinavian Society Malaysia Elected New Committee

The Scandinavian Society Malaysia held its 47th Annual General Meeting of 2012. 23 members in total participated. The meeting took place at the Tropicana Golf and Country Resort in Malaysia on Saturday 18 February.

The Society treated the few attending members with dinner and drinks before the meeting itself which went without a glitch.

For the new committee, the 23 members elected Swedish Tommy Lagerhjelm as Honorary President, Swedish Mats Engtrom as Honorary Treasurer and Monica Hautala Grill as Honorary Secretary also a Swede. The other positions are elected/selected by the Committee during the year. That includes the Vice-President, Mirkka Jyläntö-Wikberg (Finland).

According to Monica Grill, the new committee is looking forward to an exciting year ahead with a full schedule of activities such as: Berjaya Hills visit, and Easter Potluck dinner and also a Spring Ball.  For details on these and so much more visit the SSM web site at .


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