HeyRunning Spring Camp Big Success

Heyrobics – or Jympa in Swedish – which was introduced in China by Swedish running coach Linus Holmsäter, is getting popular in China. On Sunday 11 March, a HeyRunning Spring Camp was arranged in Chaoyang Park, Beijing where over 60 participants were coached by Linus Holmsäter himself and a group of running coaches.

According to Ms. Jennie Olsson, the Shout Captain of HeyRunning, the weather was sunny with clear blue skies and around 5 degrees Celsius.
Everything was in its place. Great weather and over 60 eager sports lovers were ready to begin their training which started at 10.30 am and continued into the afternoon.
The HeyRunning Spring Camp is sponsored by Nike and is the second running camp organized aiming to help runners of every level, from beginners to professionals, to reach their running goals and train together.

“The camp is 10 weeks long with one training session every weekend and then a minimum of one session during the week. This Sunday they got to try some technique training, something many had never done before, mixed with running exercises to help find their own pace. All of these activities are done together with the HeyRunning coaches that are there to motivate and help the participants,” said Ms. Jennie Olsson.

Ms. Jennie Olsen also explained the reason for participating in the HeyRunning Spring Camp.

“HeyRunning Spring Camp is varied. Some participants have never really run before. Some are recovering from injuries and some are training for races. One of our participants is for example doing a 250 km long ultra marathon in Antarctica in October. She has run two other ultra marathons in the past and just had a baby.”

HeyRunning is a part of Heyrobics focusing 100 percent on running. It started out in the summer of 2011 where running coach Linus Holmsäter, Managing Director of Heyrobics, created a running camp for people who wanted to train for Beijing Marathon. Mr. Holmsäter has solid experience of professional running and has participated in races all over the world.

The first running camp sold out within two weeks and helped nearly 100 persons enter the Beijing Marathon of 2012. The HeyRunning Spring Camp has also sold out with 96 registered participants.


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