Singapore School Security Tips

Student safety inside and around school grounds should be a priority for all schools around the world. And in order to achieve this, school managers together with teachers, educators, and the rest of the personnel need to use all available measures, tools, and security features. Schools in Singapore make no exception, and below you will discover a few of the best safety practices specific to this country.

Schools Have Risk Assessment Plans

These plans encompass information on the level of risk associated to the school perimeter. These evaluations need to rely on official crime statistics and local police data for the respective town, city, or area. If the area where the school is located in is known to be frequently visited by burglars, criminals, thieves, rapists, or kidnappers, the school will need to undergo additional security measures.

The school risk assessment plan also needs to analyze the violent incidents rerecorded during the last few months and observe the vulnerabilities that need immediate attention. Police officer, firemen, and authorized locksmiths are also recommended to attend these risk assessment meetings in order to come up with the best practical solutions.

Teachers should take part in all Risk Assessment workshops organized regularly inside the school.

Evacuation Plans In Case Of Emergencies

Each school in Singapore needs to have clear school fire drills and evacuation plans in case of other natural disasters. Schools need to organize periodic drills so that students know exactly how to act, where to go, with hallway route to use – the one closets to the exit door or the safest, depending on the emergency they are confronted with.

Schools should also have safety rooms with quality dead bolt locks on the doors where students together with the school personnel can run to and use as a hideout in case of a terrorism threat, a school invasion, or a similar property crime. These rooms needs to have first aid kits stored, as well as cell phones, water, blankets, food supplies, and sturdy locks on the doors that can keep everyone inside protected from the threats on the other side of the door. A trained locksmith like the ones you can discover here can also offer commercial and residential services. This includes everything from lock rekey, lock repairs, lock installation, security alarm system installation and maintenance, as well as duplicate key or master key making and anything else lock or key related. They also provide customers with emergency lockout services at affordable rates you can check out on their pricing pages.

The Exterior Of Schools Should Not Be Ignored Either

But the exterior of a school should not be ignored either. For example, lightning warning alerts should be installed in the school yard so whenever outdoor activities are in progress, students will know when to run for cover. Safety guards placed at the entry doors and on the school yard or PE fields also make for an excellent school security measure than could ensure a higher level of safety around for students learning there.

Finally, once the entire staff and hired personnel of a school will start to act like a family, they will be able to more easily protect one another and make everything in their power to keep everyone protected at all times. Being pro-active is a must, and keeping up with the latest security advancements is the best ace up your sleeve.


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