Finnish man stabbed to death by Thai girlfriend in Pattya

On Sunday 7 October 2012, Pattaya police received a report that a foreign man had been stabbed and was laying in the street in South Pattya. Police rushed to the accident scene and found a body of 65-year-old Finnish man Mr. Timo Juhani Tarra with lots of blood on the street. According to a witness who is the victim’s Finnish friend, he was stabbed in his left chest by his Thai girlfriend of eight years.

The witness said Mr. Tarra had a big argument with his Thai girlfriend called Wa aged between 40 to 45 years old in front of an apartment in South Pattaya. Then she ran into the apartment of the victim’s friend to grab a knife and ran out to stab the victim in his chest. After that she threw the knife on the street and got away on the black colour motorcycle branded Yamaha. The victim’s friend called police and tried to save his life but he was bleeding a lot and passed away before police arrived.

The witness said the victim had been with the suspect for eight years. The couple had a lot of big arguments during the past few years. Police are investigating and searching for the suspect at the moment.


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