Finnair sees increase in passengers in Asia and Europe

Finnair, the Finnish carrier, has seen a strong growth in number of airline’s passengers in September, especially in Asia and Europe.

According to Finnair, the traffics on its regular routes especially in Asia and Europe have increased significantly, representing growth rate of 10 percent in both areas. The numbers of airline’s passengers on leisure flights have also increased by almost 30 percent.

“In September, we saw continuing strong demand in our traffic. Traffic growth notably exceeded the growth of overall capacity, contributing to the improvement in unit revenue year-on-year,” said Erno Hildén, the airline’s chief financial officer.

Finnair has announced that it is cutting back on fuel consumption for its cargo planes. The company started to use lighter container units which resulted in improved fuel economy and significant reductions in CO2 emissions. The lighter the plane, the less fuel it needs to fly. Finnair is committed to reducing its per-seat CO2 emissions by 24 percent from 2009 to 2017.

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