Mermaid Maritime give helmets to all employees children

When in live-saving business, it can be difficult to see your employees risk their children’s life on a daily basis. It was for newly appointed General Director for the Danish company Mermaid Maritime Vietnam Poul M Schmidt. He was terrified, when he saw families on motorbikes with mum and dad wearing helmets, but the children not.
To change that hazard situation he decided to invite all employees and their families to a party, where all children were given helmets and where parents and children were motivated to use helmet.
In a statement Poul M Schmidt writes: “I hope that this initiative can spread to other companies in Dong Xuyen and that we will soon see Vung Tau, as the city of the country where most children use helmets in traffic.”
Mermaid Maritime Vietnam providing Life-saving Appliances, Fire-Fighting Equipment and other Safety Equipment for the Shipping and Offshore Industries (Oil and Gas) in Vietnam.

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