Swedish Ambassador Ann Måwe speaks on gender balance

28 April 2021 the Swedish Ambassador Ann Måwe publised a memo from the latest collaboration with UN Women and UNEP on empowering women, the statement reads:

What does gender have to do with climate change? What are the major issues for Vietnam? How can we be more gender sensitive in climate policies and actions?

I am pleased to speak today at the important launch of the report entitled “The State of Gender Equality and Climate Change in Vietnam” to support the integration of gender equality in the climate mitigation and adaptation policies of the country.

Launched under the EmPower – an initiative jointly implemented by UN Women and UNEP, and supported by the Swedish Government, the report comes timely. Vietnam is updating the National Climate Change Strategy and sectoral climate change plans. Gender and climate change are cross-cutting issues that need joint efforts of different agencies, localities and stakeholders.

Among the key findings is that men and women have differentiated capacities as resource users and contributors to the implementation of climate policies.
In my speech, I stressed that enabling women to be a part of climate change and disaster risk reduction actions means giving them a key to unlocking a brighter, more climate resilient future. This is true not for women alone, but also for building resilient communities.
Sweden is a long and trusted friend of Vietnam. We know what its people and government is capable of. Together with “know how” and support from others, including the EU, the COP secretariat and its functions, I am convinced that Vietnam can take an ambitious approach to address climate challenges. Therein lies also vast economic opportunities and possibilities.
Please leave a comment with your email if you are interested in receiving the full report and/or a copy of the press release from the event. A team member from the Embassy will share the materials with you!

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