Indonesian Competition: Mock Denmark

Who can make the best drawing of Denmark’s King next to a pig?
     That is the challenge now issued by Imam Mubarok from the Indonesian radio station Radikal, reports the newspaper Republika. The competition has, very creatively, been named “Denmark’s king and pigs”, and the winner can expect a reward of approximately five million Rupiah (roughly 3.000 DKK).
     “The winning drawing will be sent to the royal house in Denmark,” says Imam Mubarok from Radikal.
It remains unclear whether potential participants in the competition are to draw King Frederik IX, who died in 1972, or Queen Margrethe II, who is the current Danish monarch.
Muslims are not allowed to eat pigs, which is why such drawings are regarded as a deep insult of Denmark. The Danes, however, have received the news of this competition with smiling faces and a couple of good laughs so far.

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