Indonesian Muslims Protest Outside Danish Embassy

About 20 Muslim hard-liners on October 13 rallied outside the Danish embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia to protest a video shot in Denmark showing right-wing youths mocking the Prophet Muhammad, according to the Jakarta Post.
The protester shouted anti-Danish slogans and carried a banner reading “Enough is enough, be careful with Muhammad and Islam.”
The video of the Danish People’s Party Youth summer camp surfaced on the Internet recently. It showed participants of a drawing contest displaying an image of a camel with Muhammad’s head and beer cans for humps.
Indonesian clerics and the government have already protested the video.

Danish Swiftly Response
Denmark has reacted swiftly to limit offence caused to Muslims by a video lampooning the Prophet Mohammed.
Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Moeller has launched a diplomatic offensive to tell his Muslim counterparts that the Scandinavian country distances itself from the film.
Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen, criticised by some for using the freedom of the press to justify not taking a stand over the cartoons, has this time reacted swiftly as well. In a statement issued on Sunday he strongly condemned the behaviour of the young PPD members.
According to AP, other political parties also condemned the behavior of the politicians. The youth organization of Fogh Rasmussen’s Liberal Party called it “a perverted presentation of the Prophet Muhammad,” and cut all contacts with the youth wing of the People’s Party.
People’s Party leader Pia Kjaersgaard claimed on October 08 that the videos were filmed by a man who had infiltrated the youth branch for the past 18 months to uncover their platform. She said the images were the “kind of things that happen when you’re drunk.”
On Friday, the youth organization’s chairman, Kenneth Kristensen, said he regretted that group members had mocked the prophet but said it was “OK to poke fun” at religious and political figures.

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