Tsunami Warning Delivered Worldwide by SMS

“Tsunami warning to mobile phone is a brand new service that will be useful of holiday tourist visiting Thailand resorts and other places in high-risk areas,” said a managing director of RM Consult, Roar Moe.
“We will offer the Tsunami SMS warning to all over Scandinavia for consumers. This is a low-cost subscription because we want many travelers to use it,” he added.
The warnings are delivered as “Flash SMS” that overrides all other information in the mobile phone display. Under normal conditions, new warnings shall arrive within 3 minutes.
Subscribers can choose whether they prefer the service between pre-paid annual and holiday subscription.
RM Consult is the company that offers a management solutions for Tsunami warning that dedicated to mobile phone. The company has signed the agreement with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs about supporting Norwegian Embassies and General Consulates around Pacific and Indian Ocean with tsunami SMS warning system.
10 Embassies and Consulates have been participating in one-year trial testing this new life-saving alarm on mobile phone.

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