Thai Star With Swedish Help

In Asia Thai-American female singer Tata Young, aged 25, is one of the biggest stars on the music stage for the moment. She has sold in the millions, received awards, made it to the front-page of TIME Magazine and was selected as one of the world’s sexiest women by the magazine FHM.
But a large part of her international success is due to a song originally made by Swedish Carola.
In 2004 Tata Young made an international breakthrough with a cover version of Carolas “I Believe” from 2001. The single flew to the top of the hit lists in Asia and sold platinum nine times in Thailand.
That Carola already had reached the Swedish charts with the same song, Tata Young just finds great.
“All good music is good music. It is great if we – the artists – can share them. We are helping each other,” she says.
And Tata Young did something that Carola was not able to. She sings “I believe” in English, Thai – and Japanese!
Not only did Carola write the original song. The whole album “I Believe” was recorded in Stockholm.
“The Swedes are so talented in music. Especially pop music says Tata Young.
Now she once again is gaining Swedish help. Recently Tata Young released her new album “Temperature Rising” where the New York based Swedish producer Adam Anders, has contributed to the new album. He has worked together with names like the Backstreet Boys, Sheryl Crow, Sinead O’Connor and Ace of Base. 
In the beginning of 2007 Tata Young will be promoted in Europe. She is looking forward coming back to Sweden.
“Sweden is so cozy. I really like the darkness in winter. And the food is great,” she says.

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