More Success for the Vikings

Finally! Victory for the Scandinavian Vikings. Not since the first game of the season has the Vikings been able to leave the pitch with the three points. But on Saturday November 18th in the seventh round of the Casual League, the Vikings got their second win of the season.
The Vikings beat Sunbelt United 2-1, but the game offered a terrible start for the Vikings. The players did not take things too serious and Sunbelt United soon took advantage of the relaxed Viking attitude.
Five minutes into the game Sunbelt United scored the first goal of the match when the Viking defence was unable to clear a Sunbelt cross.Being down by a goal is obviously never nice, but apparently it was just what the Vikings needed. After the first goal Vikings got more focused, worked harder and started playing some good soccer.
20 minutes after the opening goal Vikings got their equalizer. Chris Lundqvist rushed to the front post and headed the ball into the back of the net. The Vikings were back in the game.
In the second half neither of the teams seemed to be pleased with a draw. Both sides were going for the decisive goal and the Viking goalkeeper had to do some spectacular saves to deny the Sunbelt United strikers their second goal.
The Vikings also had a lot of chances to go one up, but the Viking strikers did were not very effective in front of the goal. Despite a lot of chances to both teams it looked like the game was going to end in a draw. But in the very last minute the Vikings’ effort paid off. Chris Lundqvist, who was voted man of the match, got the ball in the penalty box dribbled round a Sunbelt defender and passed the ball in front of the goal. The shortest player on the field, Udon, jumped up and headed the ball into the goal just moments before the referee blew the final whistle much to the pleasing of Viking head coach, Keld Bak.
“After loosing four games in a row, the results of the two last games have really put some spirit back into the Viking team. The draw last weekend and this win was just what the team needed, so I am quite optimistic,” Keld Bak says.
After the win the Vikings are number ten in the league with seven points. Trailing three points behind the Vikings are the Pickled Liver. The Vikings will do their utmost to make the difference six points when the Vikings meet the Pickled Liver in their next game on Saturday 25th of November

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