Garden Party At The Sports Club

Some 120 Members of Scandinavian Society Siam enjoyed this year’s Garden Party 2007 which took place on Saturday evening 27 January at the Royal Bangkok Sports Club in Bangkok, hosted by Swedish Ambassador to Thailand Mr. Jonas Hafström and Mrs. Eva Hafström.
The well arranged evening took a funny twist when the winner of the door prize – an airticket with Finnair to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Hong Kong – turned out to be Hans Dyhrfort, Regional Manager for SAS!
The Garden Party’s traditional main sponsor is Finnair, and naturally the airline’s recent decision to close down all its forward connections from Bangkok was among the main topics of conversation. SAS took the same decission last year and according to SAS Manager for South East Asia, Hakan Olsson it is all simple mathematics. The routes forward from Bangkok are simply not suficiently profitable.
The main lottery saw the Ambassdor himself win two of the prizes, but when he won the second, he immediately announced that he would rather like to transfer his prize to the main work-horse behind the successful evening, Mrs. Elina Koski.

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