Low Turnout for Puerto Azul Golf Event

Disappointedly only 20 players turned up for the Puerto Azul golf challenge on February 10 2007, which is the lowest number in many years. The event was held by The Scandinavian Golf Club of the Philippines (SGCP).
“We know that many were traveling or had visitors,” says Per Stangegaad, PR of SGCP. “But a number of members cancelled very late caused a lot of last-minute extra work for the organizers including the costs that were not covered”
The organizers insist the participants to be firm and final two days before the challenge so they can set the flights and have everything organized before the event day.
“We shall do our best to accommodate special requests if they were reported in time,” Per Stangegaard explains. “But this time we must unfortunately charge late cancellations’ for a participation fee, as otherwise we shall encounter a loss due to food being pre-ordered and impossible to change by Saturday morning”.
Despite a few number of participants, the tournament went quite well. Puerto Azul is a great place for golf, but it is evident that not enough players are using it, and there is lack of funds for optimal maintenance.
“The course was not quite in the same good condition as last year,” says Per Stangegaard. “We were all challenged severely by the dry and narrow fairways, and the difficult greens. That is why the scores were substantially lower than usual”.
With many other courses being too full at this time of year, the organizer appreciate that Puerto Azul is one of the few courses that actually solicit the club to play there, and  SGCP will reciprocate by showing up in larger number next year.

The next tournament will be at Evercrest on March 10th. For more information please visit http://www.scangolf.ph/

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