Swedish Praise for Vietnamese Newspaper

The meeting took place on Wednesday this week, as representatives from SIDA met with representatives from the newspaper Thanh Nien and the Vietnamese government in Ho Chi Minh City. The meeting was marked by an exchange of praise and compliments from both sides.
     Eva Asplund, who is head of SIDA’s Asia Department, expressed her appreciation towards the newspaper and its effective fight against corruption. Thanh Nien launched its first issue 21 years ago. Since then, it has become one of the most influential newspapers in Vietnam.
     In the past years, SIDA has helped train media workers in Vietnam – an effort for which the Swedish representatives were also thanked by Thanh Nien’s Editor-in-Chief Cong Khe as well as Vietnam’s Deputy Minister of Culture and Information Do Quy Doan.
     The two sides also discussed improving press activities in Vietnam – including the quality of the journalistic content, forms and staff conditions, as well as journalistic ethics.

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