President of SSM Re-elected

The Annual general meeting of SSM was held at the Tropicana Golf & Country Club on Friday the 9th of February 2007. It was supposed to start at 7.30pm, but Kuala Lumpur traffic jams delayed the meeting for half an hour – which is nothing.
Present were the members of the sitting committee, Bo Jeansson, Göran Abelsted, Hanne Poulsen and  Helena Liman, and also 11 “ordinary” SSM members.
Bo Jeansson, the sitting President opened the meeting at 8pm. The agenda for the meeting was confirmed, and Kari Aamodt and Gerd Roysland were elected to check the minutes. The President tabled his annual report, and it was accepted by the meeting.
Also the annual audited accounts were tabled and accepted.
The elections weren’t really exciting, as the Honorary President Bo Jeansson, The Honorary Treasurer Göran Abelsted and the Honorary Secretary Helena Liman were all re-elected.
The following members were elected as committee members:
Peter Karlsson, Kari E. Eidarson, Hanne Poulsen, Gitte Banner-Voigt (new member)
It was decided to appoint Mr. Carsten Mondrup (Maersk) as Auditor.
No suggestions for the Society’s activities for the ensuing year were received, but the President announced a special offer on the SSM T-shirts and caps. There were no other prior submissions made to the committee before the meeting either.
Finally we were down to other business, and Kari Aamodt asked for a meeting with the different Scandinavian societies and business councils, to put down dates for different events, so there will be no competition between the Scandinavian associations. This is how it was done in Thailand, with great success, and the meeting was very positive to her suggestion.
The meeting was closed at 8.30 pm and everyone was invited to some food and drinks.

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