Scandinavian Work Permit Holders Up 15%

Scandinavian residents in Thailand with work permits rose sharply during 2006. According to figures obtained by ScandAsia, the total number went up from 2045 Scandinavians holding a work permit in January 2006 last year to 2351 persons this year.
The most dramatic increase was the number of Danes that rose with 112 during 2006 from 576 to 688 Danes who now work legally in Thailand. That was an increase of 19,5 %
The increase in Swedish work permit holders was 108 persons – or 12,3 % – which brought the total number of Swedish working legally in Thailand up to 986 persons.
The Norwegians jumped 45 persons to a total of 345 work permit holders, while the Finns increased with 39 persons to no 332 persons with a work permit.
The increase has not been due to a more vigilant law enforcement. Instead the reason for the trend must be sought in one of two other possibilities.
One possible explanation is the straight forward reason that more Scandinavian businessmen were based in Thailand in response to the generally positive economic trend during the Thaksin years.
Another possibility is that some of the many real estate deals done by setting up a company have led to the owner also requesting the lawyer to arrange for a work permit.

Work Permit Holders    Jan 2006     Jan 2007

Swedish        878986

Danish   576       688

Norwegian            300        345

Finnish          291               332

        Total   2.045            2.351

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