Danish Days in Kolkata

Danish Ambassador Michael Sternberg invites members of the Danish Thai Chamber of Commerce to join him on a business trip to India to participate in “Danish Days in Kolkata” – or Calcutta as the city was previously spelled.
The event scheduled for the 19th & 20th of April 2007 is arranged jointly with the Danish Embassy in Delhi..
“The Embassy in New Delhi has already reported back, that there is a keen interest amongst Danish firms in India and even firms from Denmark, and that preparations for the suggested Danish Day will go ahead,” Ambassador Sternberg writes in his letter to the members.
The Ambassador, who was for five years Danish Ambassador in Delhi, explains that the choice of Kolkata is because of the very proactive interest of the State Government in promoting fresh investment and industrialisation in West Bengal and the strong growth in several business sectors.
“From a Bangkok perspective Kolkata is also only a short 2-hour flight away. Actually almost the same distance as from New Delhi,” he adds.

Dinner briefing
“I would like to invite the group from Thailand who chooses to participate for an “India briefing” dinner at my residence before departure,” Ambassador Sternberg writes.
“I will at this time give an introduction to India and I will invite a few Indian businessmen from Kolkata successfully doing business in Thailand to talk about the business climate in India and how one does business there. I will also invite the Indian ambassador to give a presentation.”
In Kolkata, the event will cover two days with arrival on the 19th of April.
“On the first evening we will organize a Reception, which will be attended by senior government officials and senior businesspersons from West Bengal and Orissa,” the Ambassador explains.
Because of the influence in the region of the Danish Consul General, he adds that he expects attendance for this and other events to be at the highest level.
“The morning of 20th of April will be devoted to the formal inauguration of the programme by the West Bengal Chief Minister – followed by general briefing on Eastern India as well as sector sessions with state government ministers and officials as well as local top business people.”
After lunch, which will give ample opportunities for networking, participants may hold individual meetings as well as company and site visits in accordance with their individual wishes.  

Golf match
On Saturday, the Ambassador suggests that a small golf tournament could be arranged for the participants.
“This golfing event could take place on Saturday the 21st April (that is the day after the Danish Days) or maybe even on the 20th in the afternoon depending on the final programme,” he suggests.
The tournament should be played as a Thai-Danish Chamber team against a team of leading Kolkata business people at the Tollyganj Golf Club located in the centre of Kolkata. This club happens to be the second oldest golf club in the world, second only to St. Andrews in Scotland, and according to the Ambassdor a place which in ample measure exudes colonial charm.

Reasonable cost
According to a rough estimate, the participation cost would be around DKK 8,500 – including cost of arranging seminars, local transport, reception and setting up of individual meetings. If a firm wants to participate with more than one delegate a 50% discount will be given to additional representatives of the same firm.
The price does not include the cost of accommodation and air tickets to Kolkata.
“Once we are assured of a minimum participation, of let’s say 10 firms and equivalent number of Danish companies from India, we will work out a more detailed programme and cost analysis,” the Ambassador states.
Members are asked to inform the Ambassador’s Secretary, Khun Lek on telephone 02 343 1133 or via e-mail to [email protected] if they are interested in participating.

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