Indonesian Actors Helped the Norwegian-Funded Project

Famous Indonesian actors performed in a drama about conflict-related mental illnesses from June 9-10 in Aceh as part of an International Organization for Migration (IOM) campaign to raise awareness about mental health which was funded by the Norwegian embassy.
An IOM study of mental health in Bireuen, Pidie and North Aceh conducted in 2006 found that 65 percent of people in high-conflict villages showed high levels of depression, 69 percent ranked high on anxiety symptoms and 34 percent had symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
The six-month pilot IOM mobile psychosocial programme provided basic medical care and treatment to nearly 2,500 patients and provided treatment to 581 people suffering mental illnesses.
For further details contact: Marianne Kearney at IOM Dili, Tel +62 812 698 9308, Email: [email protected]

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