Foreign Affairs Secretary of the Philippines Regretted Over Sweden’s Decision to Close Down Its Embassy in 2008

Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto Romulo expressed regret over Sweden’s decision to shut down its embassy in the year 2008 because of budgetary constraints. The Philippine government expressed concern over the closure of Sweden’s embassy in Manila at a time when bilateral relations are flourishing.
“Our investments are increasing and our tourism exchanges are rising,” he said. “In addition to economic and consular imperatives, the Philippines and Sweden cooperate on many issues of mutual concern and significance, such as counterterrorism, migration, human trafficking.”
Philippines would continue to maintain its embassy in Stockholm.
Sweden announced that it would close it embassy in Manila by June 30, 2008 at the latest. “The decision to close its embassy is part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ continuous review of its organization abroad and assessment of its status in relation to changes in the surrounding world and changing requirements for monitoring and service,” the Swedish embassy said on its website.
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