Globally Hunted Finnish Wife-killer Nabbed In Vietnam

Alleged killer, Finn Paul Nicklos Bernhard Gagneur, who was picked up by the police in a park in HCMC, is already deported back to Finland. 
Interpol Vietnam Monday arrested a Finnish man who had allegedly killed his wife and is wanted globally.
The police took in Paul Nicklos Bernhard Gagneur, 44, at the September 23 Park in District 1 at 8:00 a.m. after acting on a tip-off from the Finnish police and Interpol.
According to the Finnish police, Gagneur murdered his wife at their house in Helsinki on March 14 and fled the country a day later.
The police said Gagneur had no personal documents or money, and had resorted to living in a park near Equatorial Hotel in District 5.
He was handed over to the Finnish police.


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