Two Thais Confess Robbing A Danish Man

Two hard-up motorcyclists wanting to buy powder to play with the girls on Wan Lai (water playing day), April 19, 2008, were arrested on April 21, outside the Ambassador Hotel in Jomtien, Thailand. They later confessed to attempting to rob and then stabbing the Danish victim in order to hush him up, writes Pattaya Daily News
The original incident occurred at 3pm Saturday April 19, 2008, when the two motorcyclist snatch and grab riders, attempted to rob Mr. Jorgen Christian Rasmussen, 63, a Danish citizen during the Songkran festivities.
The pillion rider, Mr. Nathawut Kun-on aka O-leang, 16, leapt off the bike being ridden by Mr. Prisorn Preamjai, and tried to snatch Mr. Jorgen’s shoulder bag. However, Mr. Jorgen resisted and cried for help, at which point Nathawut stabbed him in his chest and back to silence him. When a passerby approached, Nathawat jumped back on the bike and the pair rode off. Because of his serious injuries, the victim was taken to Bangkok Pattaya Hospital for treatment.
At 12 noon on April 21, a 3-man police team managed to arrest the two criminals, Prisorn and Nathawut, in front of the Ambassador Hotel in possession of a grey Honda Wave motorbike that had been used in the crime. Both of them were taken to Bangkok Pattaya Hospital where Mr. Joergen identified them as his assailants.
Mr. Prisorn confessed to the police that he and Mr. Nathawut had attempted to rob Mr. Rasmusen to get money to buy powder to play with the girls on Wan Lai, (Songkran Festival). Police duly recorded the confession and the two accused will be processed according to the law.

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