Hanoi Telecom, Ericsson and Huawei Ink Network Deal

A new eGSM network (Electronic Global System for Mobile Communication) worth US$600 million with more than 5,000 base transceiver stations is currently being installed, Hanoi Telecom said at a contract signing Sunday.
The partners in the contract are local Hanoi Telecom, Ericsson (Sweden) and Huawei (China).
The eGSM network will have a new name and brand recognition system different from the previous CDMA network the company had employed, Chairman of Hanoi Telecom Pham Ngoc Lang said.
Mobile subscribers are expected to use eGSM services at the end of 2008 with about 3,000 BTS compared to the present number of 1,700 BTS.
Hanoi Telecom said the total project is expected to finish in June 2009, with the Swedish Ericsson Group in charge of network operation.



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