28 Participants Were Spectators To An Interesting Speech

By Michael Lundager
The Norwegian and Danish business association held their second shared event at the commercial club recently.

The food was excellent and the 28 participants were spectators to an interesting speech by Andreas Julin from the European Committee.

Mr. Julin lively described the troubles of making free trade zones, rules for CO2 emissions, other environmental laws etc. things that the EU works for in Indonesia and with the complexity of having to deal with other organizations i.e. ASEAN and getting everything to fit.

It was an interesting hour getting filled into what EU is actually doing here. The Q&A session was even more interesting and lasted for more than an hour, which was more than the speech itself. People really expressed opinions during that session.

The next shared events can be found on either the Norwegian or Danish web sites: or http://dba.co.id

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