Dane Abandon Millions In Vietnam

After several years of struggle to get investments in a Vietnamese quarry back, the time has arrived when the former boxer Kim Brix Andersen throw the towel into the ring.

    Kim Brix Andersen was arrested in Vietnam in October 2003 in connection with a fraud case in which money that should have been invested in a gravel pit project, apparently went up in the air, along with some of the projects investors, writes the Danish newspaper Nordjyske.

    Kim Brix Andersen came in the Vietnamese authorities’ attention because he was the man who convinced investors to provide the need cash.

    However he has from the very beginning strongly refused to be involved in the scam.

    In Vietnam, he left two stone crushers and trucks to six million dollars, while other people have taken over the equipment and machines without permission.

    “My Vietnamese lawyer can’t give any solutions to my problems. And I am too scared
to travel back to Vietnam. So I have given up the money.

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