Karl’s Snus Factory In Sihanoukville

A young Swedish guy, 23, was doing fine in Sihanoukville. Wonderful people, the weather was great, the girl he felled in love with, is number one in the entire world. Perfect. And as a real Swedish man, he used snus.
   (Snus is a moist powder tobacco product that is consumed by placing it under the upper lip for extended periods of time.)
   Ok. Karl Jansson, who originates from Engelholm, used snus until the last can was empty.
   “I was terrible to stomach. I could hardly get trough the days. I even started to smoke cigarettes”, admit the young man, who also had the habit to talk with other Swedes. About life. And not to forget, about the lack of snus in Cambodia.
   “One day I heard someone talking about finding information’s on the Internet. Google, I thought, maybe I can find a recipe on Google.com”, the young man is explaining.
   And he got it. The recipe.
   All the needed ingredience were available in Sihanoukville. Even a mincer, was waiting to be used by a person with some new ideas. And not lest. Trough several channels he got his hands on some bags full of empty snus boxes.
“I followed the recipe from the Internet. And then I made my own additions. And it worked. I liked it. My friends liked it. And rumours about my snus went around in the region. As you can understand, is has been a fantastic experience. Above all expectations”.
   A friend of Karl reminds the snus manufacturer about that rainy afternoon, when a stranger jump out from a Tuk Tuk, and started yielding:
   “Do you have snus on stock”?
And Karl continues:
   “After a couple of minutes, the man was sitting in his chair, enjoying his snus with his face smiling all over. The man had been living without snus for more that two months”, says Karl, who proudly tells, that his snus now is sold in two Swedish restaurant and In a shop down town.

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