Swedish/Singaporian couple who walked in nude fined 2000 dollars

The couple who walked nude at Singapore’s Holland Village in January, were fined S$2,000 each on Thursday.
However, they escaped a jail term as Singapore’s Miscellaneous Offences Act stipulates that an offender can be fined a maximum S$2,000, or jailed 3 months, or both. The pair, students at a Swedish university, appeared in court on Thursday.
In January, 21-year-old Swede Jan Philip, and 24-year-old Singaporean Eng Kai Er, had stripped at a nearby car park and walked naked at Holland Village, a popular hangout amongst foreigners. In mitigation, Philip claimed he misapprehended the law regarding obscene acts, and did not know public nudity is an offence in Singapore.
The court also heard testimonials of Eng, who was described as a person who contributes to society through her research work in infectious diseases.


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