David Larsson – Wanted?

One of the best selling debut books in Sweden this season is “Jag är Wanted”, which was released on 3 September 2009. The author – using the pseudonym David Larsson – is living in Bangkok, where he claims to be hiding.
The book is about his life and other stories from the world of criminals, and his now basic and hidden life in exile in Thailand. According to himself he used to be criminal, still wanted by the Swedish police and other elements. He wants to remain hidden and is worried he might be located.
Following the book release, some people at first didn’t believe “David Larsson” existed. They thought the character was an invention to sell the book. But one Swedish newspapers, Dagens Nyheter, has visited the author and interviewed him in Bangkok.
Also in other ways, David “Wanted” Larsson seems to be real enough. He has a You Tube channel with videos from his daily life in Bangkok. Watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/user/DavidWantedLarsson#p/a/u/2/AzMDeaDjDDY
He also has a blog which he frequently updates and with comments to which he responds. You can read that here: http://wanted.bloggsite.se/

However, for some reason David Larsson does not seem to be wanted enough for the police to arrest him. If there is a warrant on his arrest, the Swedish police could easily – through its liaison office in Bangkok – ask the Thai police to have him arrested. From his videos and his descriptions of his daily life ‘David Larsson’ has given plenty of coordinates to go by for anyone would like to know where he lives.
Intriqued by the mystery, ScandAsia decided to locate him. We spent less than a day to piece the puzzle together. Then set out to check if the location we had found was correct. On the right you can see all the photos that corresponds to his own released information about his location in Bangkok.

  • The apartment building where he claims to live with his Thai girlfriend.
  • The restaurant where he eats every day according to himself on his You Tube film
  • This restaurant is the same where he met with Swedish Daily Dagens Nyheter
  • The river, the market, the gold shop and the mosque that are all on the You Tube film

All the above is found only in one rather small local area in Bangkok. The people that are looking for him know how he looks. They could just do a stake out and get him – that is, of course, if he indeed is as wanted as he claims.

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