‘Dane’ Who Robbed Thai Family Not Danish

According to the major English daily The Nation and other Thai language media, a Danish man allegedly drugged and afterwards robbed his 29-year old Thai female friend Panpaporn, her brother Satawat, 16, and mother Pensri Khamkerd, 51, during a visit to the family’s home in Phitsanulok’s Muang district on the 16th of October. 
The real story, however, turns out to be slightly different.
“He was not Danish, he was Arab,” 29-year old Panpaporn told ScandAsia when contacted by phone from Bangkok on Tuesday 20 October.
Panpaporn doesn’t know where the information about him being Danish came from. She did however use to have a Danish boyfriend and maybe somebody got them mixed up, she says, adding that her Danish ex boyfriend never would do anything like that, since he was a very sweet guy. 
The whole incident started when Panpaporn last weekend came home to her mother’s house with a friend, who was a foreigner. The man had been to the house twice before, so the family knew him.
At midnight Panpaporn’s mother woke up and discovered that something was wrong. Her daughter and son were asleep, the house had been ransacked and the foreigner was no where to be seen. She quickly sent her daughter and son to the hospital as it seemed they had been drugged. The police later told that when searching the house, they found four glasses of orange juice on the kitchen table and fried chicken from KFC.
The grandmother, who lives close by, afterwards told that her 16-year old grandson had gone over to her in the evening and that he had behaved strangely. He talked in a drowsy way and walked like he was drunk. When she asked him if he had been drinking he said that he had just had some orange juice.        
  The police in Phitsanulok declined to comment on the case. Since the culprit was still on the run, information about him in the press could be fatal to the investigation and their chances of catching him, an officer told ScandAsia. The officer confirmed, however, that he had dark hair and added that a description of Panpaporn’s car, which he had stolen, had been distributed over the radio.
The car is a dark green Nissan Cefiro with the license plate: 167 Phitsanulok.  
The man also got away with several valuables, including a gold necklace and a diamante ring.
Panpaporn and her brother are both better now after being treated at a nearby hospital.

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