Danish Duck Night In Bangkok

Get ready to feast in roast duck and sugar-brown potatoes ad libitum when the Danish restaurant in Bangkok, Stable Lodge is celebrating the annual tradition Morten’s Night (Mortens Aften) next Tuesday 10th November. The food will be as good as any meal in Denmark, the owner of Stable Lodge, Steffen Ingemann promises:
“We are talking a real Danish Morten’s Night with roast duck, sugar-brown potatoes, red cabbage and sauce ad libitum. For dessert we have brownie with ice cream. We are expecting around 50 Danes to show up,” Steffen Ingemann says.  
Morten’s Night is actually the Danish name and celebration of the holy Saint Martin from Tours. The legend of Saint Martin says that he hid among geese to avoid being selected bishop. The geese quacked, and he was discovered and announced bishop. As retribution Saint Martin decreed that every year geese should be killed and eaten. Over time the cheaper duck replaced the more expensive goose.

The dinner starts at 7pm, Tuesday 10th November and costs 675++.
Please book your table 02-653-0017 or 01-8455460
Place: Stable Lodge, Sukhumvit soi 8, Bangkok.

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