20 ducks for Morten Aften in Bangkok

Mortens Aften on Tuesday night 10th November was celebrated in style in Bangkok at the Danish restaurant Stable Lodge on Sukhumvit soi 8. Thanks to 20 big ducks and 20 kilo potatoes, none of the around 30 people, mostly Danes, who attended, left feeling hungry. On the contrary, many of the Danes expressed the opposite:
“I won’t be able to eat for the next many days,” one of the Danes, Camilla Flindt Althoehn said after the roast duck ad libitum.
The menu was as Danish as it gets and the Thai kitchen staff had been preparing the feast from early morning. The fresh ducks were roast and cut into pieces and served on massive silver plates and brought to the table to the anxious Danes. To make it perfect, the duck was served with both boiled potatoes along with sugar-brown ones and washed down with plenty of beers and red wine. The dessert was brownie with ice cream.
So, thanks to the legend of Saint Martin who tried to avoid being selected bishop, a group of enthusiastic Danish duck lovers, and the Danish owner of Stable Lodge, Steffen Ingemann, the Danes managed to keep an old tradition alive in Southeast Asia.

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