Thai-Danish Milk to Enter Teen Market

Prof. Dr. Amnart Theeravanich, President, the Dairy Farming Promotion Organization of Thailand (D.P.O.), revealed that to relieve the oversupply of raw milk and to venture into new market areas, the D.P.O is investing $9 million to increase capacity at its Khon Kaen and Saraburi plants in the northeast of Thailand. In addition, a new factory will be built in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. When  all is completed by 2011, an added 200 tonnes of production per day is expected.

Realizing the 20% increase in the teen consumer market, the company will launch more marketing activities to capture that market. Part of the plan is to launch new products connected to health and beauty trends, such as low-fat and organic dairy products. Arriving soon are rebranding and new package designs in order to freshen  and modernize brand image.

Thai Danish Milk export sales remain healthy; especially exports to neighbouring countries such as Laos and Cambodia. (Negotiations with Myanmar are already underway.)


D.P.O. is confident a target revenue of $179 million for 2009 is achievable from $164 million in 2008. The company currently holds a 33% market share in Thailand’s $1 billion dairy market behind Foremost, which holds a 50% market share.

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