Denmark to Learn From Singapore

10.03.2010 | news Wang Eng Eng, Channel NewsAsia

Denmark expects to learn more about Singapore’s growth strategies and education system according to Channel NewsAsia.

This follows a one-day stopover by Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen, during which he visited the Nanyang Technological University to find out more about Danish-Singapore environmental collaborations.

The Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen said:
“From a Danish and Singapore perspective, we need to invest in more green technology and the demand for green technology will increase in the future…”

He added: “There is a reason that DHI is in Singapore, and Vestas – one of the biggest wind industry company in the world – has invested resources in Singapore, has established a research centre.
“You could ask why they have done that, given the fact there is almost no wind in Singapore. The answer is that your government has established a system of close and trustful cooperation between the business environment and the public sector in Singapore, and from that we can learn a lot.”

Besides green technology, another area of collaboration is in the educational sector.

The Danish PM said:
“We have established a school system where we have established a balance between knowledge and skills. We allow our students to work and play…that allows Danish students to be innovative and act in a self-confident way.
“But on the other hand, we have something to learn as well, because when it comes to hard knowledge, we only rank average in these international ranking systems.”

One area Mr Rasmussen is keen on is primary school education, where he said Singapore’s cost-effective model has produced results.


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