The Global Economic Crisis and Pancakes

Text Margareta Olsson, Acting Secretary of Swedish Association of Hua Hin

About 80 people were present when Svenskföreningen i Hua Hin had invited SEB Private Bank Singapore to the monthly meeting on the 25th of March.

SEB is one the Scandinavian banks in Asia, and they have been in Singapore since 1979.  This day in Hua Hin they were represented by Andreas Ebbe, Anders Ng and Magnus Prim.

While everyone enjoyed Swedish yellow pea soup with hot liqueur and pancakes, Anders Ebbe started by telling about SEB private banking offers various investment options and return rates, and just now they are offering three new invest programs.
He also told that SEB Private Bank seeks a service level an availability and that SEB is aimed at private consumers with a bit more money.

Then Magnus Prim, who is the bank’s chief strategist, hold a speech about several scenarios how the world will get out of the current economic recession. And how Asia is seen as a market with strong growth and many possibilities – especially China.

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