Sassy, Jazzy Sidsel Storm

When the Danish singer Sidsel Storm went to the Rhythmical School in Vig in 2001, it was love at first sight in more than one way. She met her future husband there and he was the one who introduced her to the magical world of jazz. Until then, Sidsel had mostly explored the various pop and rock genres, but as she was introduced to the foot tapping, body moving, swaying sounds of jazz, a whole new world opened itself to her.
Sidsel instantly fell in love with the way she was able to express herself through this new kind of music and she realized that it suited her voice and her personality very well. After that, there was no turning back for the now 27 year old star and she started a journey where she explored her newfound love for jazz.
So far, that journey has resulted in two albums, one of which has just recently been released. This February, that album “Swedish Lullaby” brought the singer who has been described as the “star of Danish jazz” to Thailand. She performed twice in Bangkok, and ScandAsia swooned over both concerts.

A singer by heart
When she was four, for years, all Sidsel wanted was to become a singer or an actress so that she could be famous. There was never any doubt in her mind that she would make a career in the music business, but now, years after her youngest childhood dreams of reaching eternal fame, her priorities have somewhat shifted.
Sidsel has a very successful and promising singing career ahead of her, but the most important thing to her is no longer to accomplish fame and become a celebrity. Instead, she considers reaching out to her audience and touching them the most important part of her job.
“Now, I just want to touch people and hit them in the heart with my music,” she says.

Touring Thailand
In February this year, Sidsel did just that. Together with the Scandinavian jazz band Magnus Hjorth Trio, she went on a tour through Thailand where she played at smaller venues, such as the lobby at Grand Millennium, and in big theatres like the Aksra King Power.
With her voice and soft melodies, she completely captured the Thai audience that filled up the whole theatre in Bangkok, and the applause after the show spoke for itself.
To Sidsel, that is what makes the sometimes difficult life as a musician worth it. She loves to perform, and it is when she is on stage that she feels alive the most.
“This is why I was put on this Earth,” she says, and as she sings her music, it seems that is a fact that is accepted by many. It becomes clear that music is a big part of her life. According to Sidsel she cannot live without it and that even when she takes a day off from her busy schedule, the music is still in her thoughts.
It only takes one look around the theatre to know that everyone present appreciates this passion of her’s. Only very few people are able to sit completely still and not be seduced by the soft notes of the music and Sidsel’s mellow voice.

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