Norwegian’s Pattaya Home Robbed of Nearly 300,000 baht

At approximately 8:00am on Monday, Banglamung Police was notified of a robbery at 15/18 Moo 4, Banglamung. Lt. Gen. Duantapiyachai along with a team of police and forensic investigators went to the scene to investigate further.

At the scene, a single storey house, police were confronted by Mr. Dandog Daniel [69] a Norwegian national, who had notified police of the incident. Mr. Daniel explained that the offenders had stolen a Denon Home Theatre, Sony DVD player, Tennis equipment and other items with an estimate total value of 300,000 baht.

After a brief investigation of the premises, police were able to ascertain that the offenders had broken the outside gate latch before climbing in through a side window. They then proceeded to carry the items out through the kitchen door, almost certainly loading them into a waiting pickup tuck, due to their size.

Mr. Daniel explained that he had been asleep during the night, waking up to find all of his things missing, including the tennis equipment which was located next to the kitchen door and was probably taken as an afterthought. Mr. Daniel also revealed to police that he suspected the gardener who he had fired only 2 weeks ago to have been responsible for the robbery.

Forensic investigators have fingerprinted the scene and an investigation will now begin to apprehend the culprit and bring him to justice. Police will firstly attempt to contact and interrogate Mr. Daniel’s ex-gardener.

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