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Scansnax, a Phuket based business, has become a familiar name in many Scandinavian house holds all over Thailand. For years, it has provided expats with a craving for sweets with everything from salty liquorice to chips and cola flavored gummy pacifiers.

The plan is to keep supplying these luscious little delicacies to everyone with a soft spot for Scandinavian candy. Right now, it is the end of the season and that is why the company is offering the products to its customers at a reduced price.

But hurry! The stock is reducing fast, so buy your favourite snacks now before they have been completely sold out.

To get your hands on your favourite snack, you can pay via Paypal or by simple money transfer if you find that more convenient. Scansnax delivers to your doorstep throughout all of Phuket but will also send the products to your home in the rest of Thailand.

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