Huge International Media Impact of Royal Wedding

A survey of 16 countries showed that the estimated value of the international publicity surrounding the wedding between Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel was SEK 2.7 billion (EUR 270 million). German media represented nearly half of that value, and publicity in German periodicals and on German news sites is valued at over SEK 1 billion.

The Council for Promotion of Sweden Abroad (NSU) ordered the survey from media analysis company MediaPilot. The Council consists of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications, VisitSweden, Invest Sweden, the Swedish Trade Council and the Swedish Institute.
The value of articles published on the internet and in print media amounted to SEK 2.7 billion.

However, the survey did not include broadcast media, which provided extensive coverage. The estimate is purely theoretical, as the Swedish Government would certainly never have bought advertising for a corresponding sum in foreign media, amounting to over 12,000 articles in web-based media alone.

MediaPilot analyzed publicity online and in print media in 16 countries. The value was extrapolated from the cost of buying corresponding advertising space. The calculations were based on a standard value for costs in a variety of media in each country rather than using a multiplier, as PR practitioners often do.

In total, the wedding was viewed by more than 700 accredited foreign journalists. Forty-five foreign television broadcasters were on site. Estimated publicity value of the Swedish royal wedding  between February 24 and June 21 online and in print media.

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