New Call for Mekong Proposal now Open

Energy and Environment Partnership (EEP) with Mekong region countries is a grant offering program to promote the use of renewable energy, energy efficiency and clean technologies, financed by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and the Nordic Development Fund (NDF). Its objective is to combat climate change while providing sustainable energy services to those who lack them.

Eligible countries are Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. The next Call for Proposal is open until September 10, 2010.

EEP is based on Calls for Proposals, which are open to public entities, companies, research institutions, universities, and civil society organisations. Cooperation between organisations in the Mekong region and donor countries is encouraged.

Principally, contribution of the EEP is intended to supplement the applicant’s own and other complementary funding. Proposals for EEP funding can be made for pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, resource surveys, pilot and demonstration projects, strategic studies and policy development.


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