New Business Processing Outsourcing Centre

A Vietnamese competent software company, IMT Solutions Corporation has joined hands with Danish Conscensia A/S  to build up a Business Processing Outsourcing Centre in HCMC with support from the Business-to-Business programme.

IMT Solutions was started in early 2008 with 8 employees as a high-skilled team providing low-cost, high-quality software outsourcing services to global customers and digital content solutions for the Vietnamese market. It has quickly grown from 21 employees in 2008 to 61 by July 2010.

Conscensia has its headquarters in Aalborg, Denmark,a sales office in Copenhagen, and helps customers with software development through its Development Centre in Ukraine. The business idea in Vietnam has been developed based on Conscensia’s need for more flexibility in order to provide better prices of its products and services.

Being partner with IMT Solutions will offer Conscensia more advantages and allow it to establish a triangle project group consisting of Denmark, the Ukraine, and Vietnam. Through this triangle, Conscensia can provide a 24 hour service and be able to substantially improve its flexible and effective response to existing and new clients.

The project management methodology – SCRUM – to be implemented at the BPO. The Business-to-Business (B2B) programme has approved DKK 910,000 to this partnership to run a pilot project with technical training being provided to the local employees and improvement of the working facilities. The partners expect to create 40 new jobs and generate DKK 1.6 million as initial turnover in the next 12 months.

The partnership will include information on HIV/AIDS and Occupational Health and Safety protection. Other than that, local staff will be provided a seminar for cultural understanding and communication skills to work effectively in an international working environment.


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