Finnish Expat Stabbed by Thai Ex-wife

At 00:25 am of Sunday (16th), the Pattaya Police led by Investigation Inspector Pol. Lt. Col. Wallop Gangtaratip, were informed by a doctor at Pattaya Memorial Hospital that there was an injured Finnish national, Kimmo Liukku, who had been stabbed under his left chest. 

The victim was under the care of a medic, and was waiting for the police to make a statement.

The injured man was Mr. Kimmo Liukku, aged 28 from Finland.

There was a shallow stab wound on the left of his chest, and when the police arrived, he was in stable condition and ready to give a full statement.Mr. Kimmo reported that, while he was having a drink in a bar near Soi Doo Dee, he met his Thai ex-wife. She had a child with him, but they have separated for over a year, writes Pattaya People.

The coincidence sprang into an argument after they conversed for a while. In the middle of argument, someone pulled out a  knife, and Mr. Kimmo was stabbed perhaps by accident. His ex-wife decided to walk away from the scene. The police will further question Mr. Kimmo after he recovers, to continue with legal proceedings.

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